Pulmonias, open-air vehicles, are
everywhere. Prices start at about $5 for a
five-minute hop down the Zona Dorada or
Downtown. For a trip downtown, take the
bus.  Taxis also are widely available, and
bicycles can be rented.
Historical Downtown Area.  Some of the places to explore in
the old town of Mazatlán are the central market, the
Cathedral, Plaza Revolution, Plaza Machado, the Angela
Peralta Theatre, and the Archeological Museum, all within
walking distance if you take a bus to the market.
Cerro del Crestón (El Faro)—The Lighthouse.
This is supposed to be the second highest
natural lighthouse in the world. It makes a
great hour hike to the summit (it's atop a 505
foot peak) and provides an incredible view of
the entire Mazatlán area! Tell the taxi driver to
take you to El Faro and you might want to
buy a bottle of ice-cold water at the food
stand before beginning the hike. They usually
also sell cold soft drinks at the top.
Golden Zone shopping to your heart's
content. A highly recommended gift shop in
the area that gives you a great variety of
souvenirs, silver and Mexican hand-made art
crafts is Sea Shell city.
Another area to visit, especially on Sunday evenings, is the
seaside walkway: the Malecón. Starting at Av. Olas Altas,
near La Siesta Hotel and the Deer Monument, follow the
walkway north along the seafront where there will be many
families strolling and lovers embracing on the seawall.
There are several beautiful monuments in this area, as well
as the fearless clavadistas who entertain by diving into the
rock strewn ocean from a high platform. From the roadside
carts in this area, it's possible to buy such goodies as
strawberries and cream, ice-cream, corn on the cob, hot
dogs, etc. which we have sampled with no ill-effects. It's
safe to stroll in these areas at night.
Visit Pacifico Beer Factory to know the elaboration
process and the Brewery;s Museum.
The city of Mazatlan: About 4 miles north of
downtown lies the Sábalo traffic circle in the Zona
Dorada (Gold Zone) near the Punta Camarón, a rocky
outcropping over the water. The Zona Dorada begins
where Avenida del Mar intersects avenida Rafael
Buelna and becomes avenida Camarón Sábalo, which
leads north through the abundant hotels and fast-food
restaurants of the tourist zone. From here, the resort
hotels spread northward along and beyond Playa
Sábalo. The new Marina Mazatlán development has
changed the landscape north of the Zona Dorada
considerably, as hotels, condo complexes, and private
residences rise around the new marina. North of here is
Los Cerritos (Little Hills), the northern limit of Mazatlán.
The above rock formation in the middle of the ocean look
like a turtle. While the one below resemble a face of a lion.
You can see this in your next trip to Mazatlan.